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Meet the Myrtle Beach  Gold Cap Ambassadors  

Our Gold Cap Ambassadors are here to help.  The city of Myrtle Beach as taken a great step toward improving the perception of cleanliness and safety downtown.  These ambassadors will provide enhanced services for our downtown that go above and beyond what the City currently provides.  Their duties do not replace any city services or supplement police, rather work as an extra set of eyes and ears for our multiple levels of enforcement including the police but also code enforcement and public works.  Cleaning duties aside, the Gold Cap Ambassadors engage with hundreds of visitors to the downtown each day pointing them to services, providing recommendations and general info.  They also are building relationships with the business community and assist with social outreach.  If you find a Gold cap Ambassador on the street, please thank them, and ask whatever questions you'd like.


For customer service call 843-780-1445

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