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The City of Myrtle Beach's Downtown Development Office  has your back.  We want to make sure you have all the tools you need for success.  Downtown Myrtle Beach market valuation has risen from $300 million in 2005 to $536 million in 2017, with 2022 estimates reaching $900 million.  "Where do you fit into this?"

Starting a Business in Myrtle Beach

Starting or relocating a business can be overwhelming.  We want to be a trusted source of information and resources for you to make the process a bit less time consuming and cheaper.  Please call us today to discuss how we can help.

COMING SOON: Visit back soon to read over a "step-by-step" guide to starting a business in Downtown Myrtle Beach


Here is some information to get you started:


Helpful Resources




Improve Your Current Business

There are several incentives and partnerships at your disposal to assist with your future business goals.  The city and MBDRC provide a number of incentives including Floating Zones, Storefront Renovation Loans, Historic Tax Credits and more.

Storefront Renovation


The DRC will provide a maximum of $15,000 or 50% of the total project cost at 0% interest. The bank will provide matching funds at an interest rate determined by the bank. The resulting loan will be at a combined rate below market. If the total amount of the project exceeds $30,000 the bank will loan the additional amount at their determined interest rate. In addition, the DRC will reimburse a maximum of $2,000 or 6% of engineering and architectural design fees upon project completion and submission of related invoices.

Project must include at least one of the following.

Tsunami  Surf & Resort Wear, Ocean Blvd.
  • Exterior façade improvements to existing buildings

  • Site improvements to existing property, including parking and landscaping

  • Permanent exterior displays of art

  • Improvements relating to the installation of an outdoor sidewalk café area

  • Those elements necessary to bring exterior buildings up to code


Storefront Renovation Brochure

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