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Downtown Myrtle Beach is currently identified as four key districts.  These districts as a whole loosely define the greater downtown "boundaries."  Each is unique to its core demographic, strengths, and struggles.  All are valuable pieces to the puzzle that is Downtown Myrtle Beach.  The new Master Plan includes detailed analyses of each area highlighting their importance in downtown's future, how to brand and connect them, and crucial next steps.  Each of the districts are described in more detail below.

Family Kingdom

Family Kingdom District

The Family Kingdom District is about 53 acres of land total.  The Family Kingdom Amusement Park is one of the main anchors for the downtown area of Myrtle Beach and one of the last historic amusement parks in the area, with the only oceanfront water park on the east coast.  The area boasts numerous newer high rise resorts with amenities and traditional mid-rise motels that provide a modest vacation option.  Opportunities to bring in new, relevant retail, entertainment & attractions and food & beverage has great potential with the idea of making the area a complete family experience (having everything from accommodations, entertainment/attractions, retail and food & beverage).


South Mixed-use District

The South Mixed-use District is about 101 acres of land total.  The District includes 8 linear blocks of The South Mixed Use District 1.2 mile Boardwalk called the  Promenade, a concrete, landscaped passive pathway that runs parallel to the Atlantic Ocean. The area is one of the most underutilized areas in the downtown with the highest potential for future development.  Currently, there is a mixture of newer high rise resorts along with much older, aging "mom and pop" motels and smaller beach cottages.   Considering the consistent traffic flow and proximity to the Entertainment and Family Kingdom District makes this District appealing to future development, new business opportunities and permanent residential housing. This District has incentives in place to encourage redevelopment in an area that is populated with small lot sizes and a variety of ownership.


This area has the potential to become a unique tourist destination with the development of smaller boutique hotels along with the renovation of the older “mom and pop” motels that would provide a unique experience, one that Myrtle Beach does not currently have.  It also has the potential to provide for a permanent resident population that would help sustain the businesses within the area and provide a permanent population to an area that is highly tourist driven.


Entertainment District

The Entertainment District consists of 9 linear blocks and about 96 Acres of land total.  The area currently provides a diverse group of entertainment/attractions, beach-related retail shops, food & beverage and limited accommodation choices.  The area buffers the Atlantic Ocean with the traditional wood section of the 1.2-mile award winning Boardwalk.  The District is unique in that it has a nostalgic feel with traditional beach food and entertainment.  Opportunities to bring in new, relevant entertainment, retail and food & beverage is enticing as the area is a prime tourist destination.  The Entertainment District also contains 7 pedestrian, bike, and vehicle traffic counters strategically placed along Ocean Blvd. and the Boardwalk.


Superblock | 5Points District

The Superblock District is about 47 acres of land total.  This District is considered to be the original downtown of Myrtle Beach.  There is much historical value within the area to include the original downtown buildings and the storefronts along Broadway Street.  The area has gone through numerous redevelopment  attempts. The area provides a Plaza with a large fountain that fronts one of the main corridors in Myrtle Beach and has numerous storefronts that could transform into unique boutiques, art galleries, cafes and restaurants.  There is ample opportunity for a residential element due to the Districts close proximity to the oceanfront and the opportunities for a unique small town urban area to be developed.  With the appropriate changes to the challenging traffic patterns in this District the area would become a thriving destination for locals and tourists.

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