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  • Myrtle Beach Downtown Redevelopment

"TOP FIVE IN FIVE" represent the top 5 priorities our City Leaders wish to accomplish in the first 5 years of Downtown Master Plan implementation.  While all of the themes and strategies presented in the Master Plan are important to the success of its implementation, five major recommendations emerged that should drive the focus of the implementation efforts.

The "Top 5 in 5" model is explained more in depth in Section 4 of the Downtown Master Plan.

Heart of Downtown

Position the City Square, Broadway Street and the Arts & Innovation District as the heart of downtown.

Develop a capital improvement program, development strategy and overall plan of action for the City Square, Broadway Street and the Arts District to guide and ignite the development of a vibrant residential and cultural arts experience in Myrtle Beach.

Urban Design Manual

Create district and street specific Urban Design Guidelines for public and private development in downtown, including King’s Hwy. and the oceanfront.


Create an urban design manual that establishes standards for public and private development in downtown by district. Establish your community’s vision and regulatory framework for future development.

Regulatory Improvements

Actively search out and remove barriers to desirable businesses, activities, and uses. Enable a vibrant oceanfront, downtown and King’s Highway.


Conduct a regulatory improvement process that removes barriers thatwill help create an active and vibrant downtown. Make it easy to do what you want. Create a focused process to uncover the most impactful regulatory changes that can easily be implemented during the first year

Improve Perception

Improve the public perception of downtown and the oceanfront through targeted improvements in public safety, building conditions, community appearance, and pedestrian, bicycle & traffic safety.


Continue working on CPTED initiatives. Enforce a set of minimum standards by use and in targeted areas.  Identify the worst performing intersections for significant safety improvements. 

Leverage Public Assets

Create a development strategy and financial model to maximize the return on investment for all city owned assets. Leverage public projects to attract people, private investment and value in downtown.


Establish a list of city priorities for evaluating potential private development proposals on city owned property. Prepare the groundwork to take advantage of state and federal incentives.